Welded Wire Reinforcement
Industrial Wire

Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR)

Our welded wire reinforcement is used in slabs-on-grade, tilt-up panels, precast concrete design, state highway construction, bridge decks, box culverts, and many other commercial applications.

Our commitment to quality is evident throughout; from our concern for the environment, to our sales team on-site visits and our use of material identification tags and mill certification reports.

  • Our higher than minimum required yield strength wire can reduce material and labor costs. Our material always meets ASTM standards.
  • Our products have a more efficient minimum 70 ksi yield strength, often higher, requiring less steel and resulting in less waste.
  • Our welded wire reinforcement panels feature advantages in steel area conversions and ribbed wire for better bonding strength in concrete.
  • Our service is hard to beat. We commonly provide one to three day service from our inventory of lighter gauge common styles to your inventory or construction site. Structural and engineered wire reinforcement styles may not be inventoried but are manufactured and shipped in less time than general industry standards. Shipments are on preferred carriers with satellite tracking for instant shipment location.

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