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Steel is the most recycled product in the world. Old home appliances, vehicle, vehicle parts, industrial by-products and steel cans, in short, objects that are discarded by society are transformed into raw material for steelmaking. Gerdau Longsteel North America operates 17 recycling facilities that collect, sort, and process approximately two million tons of scrap annually into our steel-making operations. We currently rank as the second largest recycler of ferrous scrap in North America, consuming over seven million tons of scrap raw materials in our minimills annually.

The minimill steel industry annually recycles more of society's discarded material than the aluminum, paper, glass and plastics industries combined. Recycling these discarded steel scrap resources results in quality steel products that reinforce the construction of the infrastructure and skyline of our communities. Gerdau Longsteel North America is a recipient of the prestigious Steel Manufacturers Association(SMA) Distinguished Recycler of the Year Award.

Gerdau Longsteel North America's recycling activities reflect our core value of Community and Environmental Awareness. Our recycling efforts help to eliminate potential disposal hazards and offer many unique benefits, including the prevention of contamination from used automotive oil filters, the elimination of confiscated firearms from local police authorities, and the removal of used automotive tires and metal residue from community garbage incinerator operations.

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