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Whitby, Ontario Steel Mill

Address: Hopkins Street South
Whitby, Ontario (Canada) L1N 5T1
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Phone: (905) 668-8811
Fax: (905) 665-3742
Canadian Sales: (800) 263-2662
Metals Recycling: (905) 668-8877
Mill Pickup Hours: Monday-Thursday: 24 hours a day.
Friday: Until Midnight.
Saturday: Closed.
Sun: Closed, Start up at Midnight


Alan Lamb, VP and General Manager
Email: Alan.Lamb@Gerdau.com

Natasha Cotter, HR Manager
Email: Natasha.Cotter@Gerdau.com

Dave McIntyre, Manager, Melt Shop
Email: Dave.McIntyre@Gerdau.com

Des Picton, Energy Efficiency Manager
Email: Des.Picton@Gerdau.com

Raitis Balins, Asset Reliability Manager
Email: Raitis.Balins@Gerdau.com

Robert Kneale, Engineering Manager
Email: Bob.Kneale@Gerdau.com

Dana Mortson, Safety Manager
Email: Dana.Mortson@Gerdau.com

Joel Grossman, Management Systems Manager
Email: Joel.Grossman@Gerdau.com

Brian Henson, Rolling Mills Manager
Email: Brian.Henson@Gerdau.com

Stefan Hass, Logistics Manager
Email: Stefan.Hass@Gerdau.com

Phil Revington, Environmental Manager
Email: Phil.Revington@Gerdau.com

Wayne Thiessen, Controller
Email: Wayne.Thiessen@Gerdau.com

Leonardo Nunes, Quality Manager
Email: Leonardo.Nunes@Gerdau.com


Located in Whitby, east of Toronto and west of Oshawa, south of the 401.
  • Take the 401 east from Toronto to Whitby.
  • Exit right on Thickson Road South.
  • Take Thickson Road South to Victoria Street.
  • Turn right (west) on Victoria.
  • Take Victoria west to Hopkins St.
  • Turn left (south) on Hopkins St.
  • Follow Hopkins St. South through the entry gate to the parking area.

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