Gerdau Business System

Gerdau Business System (GBS) is the set of the company best practices in all business processes. It defines the framework and methodology to create sustainability and improvement in our business through supporting the continued development of operations, based on the PDCA concept (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

GBS provides the company with a model for staying competitive in the global steel market by evaluating internal best practices in all business processes and comparing them to external benchmarks. By standardizing the key processes indicators at a global level, it’s possible for each operation to follow-up and analyze results in an extremely objective manner.

The GBS Assessment is a standardized assessment methodology to measure the degree of implementation of the business system. The consistent application of this methodology ensures the elimination of gaps and the fast implementation of an integrated model by promoting essential practices, accelerating the transfer of the management model to new businesses, obtaining information and developing action plans in line with its aims, measuring adherence to the management model and its evolution and obtaining internal benchmark information.

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