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At Gerdau, a diverse product range is offered with multiple locations to provide unparalleled customer service. A unique reputation has been built by fully responding to customers' needs and by adding value to their operations with the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

A uniquely flexible approach to production and product offering improves the customer's ability to coordinate inventory and manufacturing schedules. The ongoing customer relationships make Gerdau Long Steel North America a vital extension of the companies it serves.

With strategically located mills throughout the U.S. and Canada, Gerdau Long Steel North America produces concrete reinforcing steel, angles, channels, rounds, flats, squares, coiled wire rod, wide flange beams, I beams, bantamĀ® beams, microalloy bars, sheet piling and H piling.

Through 56 downstream facilities, Gerdau Long Steel North America consumes a significant portion of steel mill production, adding value through additional processing. The company is one of the largest rebar fabricators in the U.S.. In addition, other downstream operations produce forged grinding balls, rail spikes, collated nails, drawn wire and cold finished bars.

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