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Gerdau is the leading company in the production of long steel in the Americas and one of the major suppliers of specialty long steel in the world. With more than 45,000 employees, Gerdau has an installed capacity of more than 25 million metric tons of steel and it is the largest recycler in Latin America, and around the world, it transforms millions of metric tons of scrap into steel every year.

More than a century ago, Gerdau began its expansion path and now has a presence in 14 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Peru, Spain, U.S., Uruguay and Venezuela.

Its products, sold on five continents, serve the civil construction, industrial and agricultural sectors. Gerdau products, in all their diverse forms, have a day-to-day presence in the lives of people. They are an integral part of the structure of homes, shopping centers, hospitals, bridges and hydroelectric plants; they are part of power and telephone lines; they are raw material for automotive parts and they can be found at work on the farm.

With over 140,000 shareholders, Gerdau's public companies are listed on the stock exchanges of São Paulo, New York, Madrid, and Lima. Gerdau pursues efficiency and growth with profitability, always with a commitment to sustainable development.


The greatest core competencies at our company are the abilities to capture synergies and motivate an experienced team throughout the U.S. and Canada. Its dynamic corporate vision has allowed the company to reap the benefits offered during strong market conditions and to implement its strategies and best practices to overcome market challenges. The company is not only committed to growing as a business, but also to growing as a member of each community where it operates in North America.

Gerdau Long Steel North America is a leader in mini-mill steel production and steel recycling in North America, with an annual manufacturing capacity of approximately 10 million metric tons of mill finished steel products. Through a vertically integrated network of mini-mills, scrap recycling facilities and downstream operations, the company serves customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, offering a diverse and balanced product mix of merchant steel, rebar, structural shapes, fabricated steel, flat rolled steel and wire rod.

The company's products are generally sold to steel service centers, steel fabricators, or directly to original equipment manufacturers for use in a variety of industries, including non-residential, infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential construction, metal building, manufacturing, automotive, mining, cellular and electrical transmission and equipment manufacturing.

The position as a part of Gerdau – a 110-year-old old steel company, the leading producer of long steel in the Americas and one of the world's largest suppliers of specialty long steel – gives us a unique strength in a highly cyclical industry. By investing in people, processes and technology, the company is prepared for the changes that will inevitably occur in this dynamic global environment.

By remaining focused on the company's objectives and pursuing goals with a renewed sense of strength and commitment to values, Gerdau will continue to achieve the vision of being a global organization and a benchmark in any business we conduct.

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