We have great news! Our new eGerdau is live and ready for you to use.

To get started please follow these steps:

1. Select an eGerdau account administrator for your company. As an account administrator you will be able to add additional company employees as individual eGerdau users and setup their permissions to different areas of the website.

2. Email eGerdau_Sales@Gerdau.com these 5 things needed to setup your account:

3. Check your email for your login details. Initially it may take us a day or two to setup accounts. When you receive an email from eGerdau with your login details you will have 24 hours to access the site and confirm your account.

We hope you enjoy the experience!

Welcome to eGerdau, a secure electronic link to real-time information. eGerdau is our new e-commerce Web site which houses the functionalities of E-Z-Link and Mill Net.

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